• Bert Bakkeren director operations

    “Fun, nice food & drinks, serious and intensive sports, my family”

    Personal question:

    "What are you proud of at elho?"

    Elho knows flowerpots, plant containers and related articles as a concept to disign, to color, to produce and presentate  just like the world want's to! The fact that all our products are acquire in more then 75 countries, says it's a worldwide succesfull concept what can only grow further in the future!

  • Elke Verhoeven executive management assistant

     ''Happy, ambitous, family & friends, fitnes, spring & summer, Ibiza, teamplayer, going out for a dinner and going to festivals''

    Personal question: Why do you feel comfortable at elho?

    The first time I was at elho I’ve had a very warm welcome. The feeling of home embraces you.
    Elho is a dynamic company and everyday is different. Working in a team for different departments is very motivating and makes a nice atmosphere.
    All people become happy of beautiful plants and flowers in their home, this in combination with a sophisticated elho flowerpot of vase is an asset in everyone’s daily life!

  • Harald Elderenbosch Managing director

     elho is a beautiful and dynamic company which is growing rapidly due to our smart elho concept. With a great team of colleagues I am responsible for the sales strategy and product development. We do this with passion and great success. You understand that I am very proud!

  • Marco Wels finance director


    Mandy, Ambitious, long dinners & good conversation, Sports, Creativity, Grit, Teamspirit.

    Personal question:

    " What would you tell clients and their customers about elho?"

    That everybody at elho is extremely committed to make our clients and their customers happy. This commitment shows in the fact that we are not easily satisfied with results and continuously seek improvement, which creates a very dynamic company culture. This culture is unique and is reflected in the way we do business, create beautiful innovative products and create new services. I am proud to be a part of this!

  • Nikie Bluijs assistant managing director

    Shopping, crazy about snowboarding, ambitious, team player, eager to learn, keep smiling, friends&family

    Personal Question:           

    “What makes you feel comfortable at elho?”

    Elho inspires, motivates and colours my life. It’s a successful company that invests in sustainability and personal development.

    No one day is the same, especially when you work closely together with an ambitious managing director. The large amount of contact with other departments, the diversity and the responsibilities create a challenging job. This is what makes elho fun, this brings a smile to my face every day. Who wouldn’t want an elho product as well?


  • Olaf Elderenbosch Managing director

    "Enjoying life, elho, Evelijn & my three kids, marathon runner, traveler, ambitious, creative '

    Personal question:

    "What makes you proud at elho?"

    It is very inspiring to work with an international team that always strives for ultimate perfection. And I can not imagine a more fun, dynamic and innovative product than our beautiful synthetic pots & planters. I become very happy when I think about our pots, let alone when I see our products somewhere in the world.


  • Sanne van de Wijgert personal assistant

    "involved, loyal, enjoys life, fun, family & friends, food, drinking wine and cooking"

    personal question

    "How do you experience the working atmosphere at elho?"

    the first time I was at elho I became really enthousiastic. Elho as nice colleagues and a lovely atmosphere! 

    Everybody has the same goal and you notice that in everything. Besides that it is well organised and that fits me. I am happy to be part of elho and that we can generate the elho feeling everyday!